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Mini Pumpkin Hanging Bats

October 8, 2012

hangin pumpkin bats Mini Pumpkin Hanging BatsThese hanging hooligans drop down on guests at eye level.

30 minutes, plus spray paint drying time.

Mini pumpkins
Black spray paint
Cardboard to create 2 wings
2 roofing nails, screws or other item for eyes
Eye screw for each bat
Fishing line or other string for hanging

Instructionspumpkin bat assembly Mini Pumpkin Hanging Bats

  1. Cut two bat wings out of cardboard for each finished bat. A utility knife creates the cleanest cuts, but scissors will work too. Start at the base of the wing and cut towards the tip.
  2. Spray paint the mini pumpkins and bat wings (don’t forget to put down newspaper, or other protective cloth when you use spray paint). Wait until the paint has dried, flip the wings over and spray the other side. You will probably also want to coat the bottom of the mini-pumpkins at this time.
  3. Use a wood chisel or paring knife to cut to slits just large enough for the cardboard wings.
  4. Drill two holes on the front of the pumpkin for the eyes.
  5. Insert wings, tap in nails or twist in screws for eyes.
  6. Screw in an eye screw to the stem of the pumpkin. The screw will hold best on the stem.
  7. Hang the bats at your front door with fishing line.

mhm pumpkin carving ideas 2012 thumb Mini Pumpkin Hanging BatsSee details on creating mini pumpkin hanging bats at the 2:15 mark in our video.

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